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J is for Junk Food

No parent consciously thinks, ‘As soon as my child is old enough, I want to feed them junk.’ Unfortunately, when our kids get a little older, most of us start to allow more junk food.

H is for Hiding Veggies

Are you a veggie smuggler? Hiding vegetables can be tempting to make sure kids eat them, but to help kids love veggies, this strategy won’t work. Here are some tips to stop hiding veggies and get your child to love them.

G is for Gagging

Gagging can be a fussy eating behaviour. What should you do when you child gags because they don’t want or like a certain food? Here are 10 tips for managing this mealtime behaviour.

My child refuse to taste new foods

The key to raising a healthy eater is to get them to keep tasting a wide variety of foods. Here are 5 tips to encourage your child to taste new foods.

Family Mealtimes: Do what you can

Family mealtimes don’t have to be complicated or lengthy, but they’re important! Here are some tips to make the most of your family mealtimes.

I is for I don’t like it

How do you deal with the dreaded “I don’t like it” at mealtime? Here are some tips to encourage tasting new foods and deal with fussy eating.

Because it’s good for you

Do you find yourself telling your children to eat certain foods because they are ‘good for them’ or ‘healthy’? As adults, we understand what that means, but what does it mean to your kids? Why should they care?

Justine Simard-Lebrun


Justine is the founder of Kids Love Good Food and author of the book ‘Try It You’ll Like It – A parent’s guide to raising healthy, adventurous eaters’. As a mother of two and parenting educator with a background in behavioural and nutrition psychology, Justine provides simple, down-to-earth strategies that help parents beat fussy eating and raise children who love good food.

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