Justine Simard-Lebrun

Founder of Kids Love Good Food & Raise a Healthy Eater Crash Course
Author of Try It You’ll Like It – A parent’s guide to raising healthy, adventurous eaters



If you’ve landed here, I know that you’re committed to your child’s health. I know that you want to nourish them with healthy, delicious food. I know that you want to empower them with healthy eating habits for life. I’m here to help you do that.


With a background in behavioural and nutrition psychology, years of working with children and as a mum of two, I know how to raise a healthy eater. I have trialled and tested many strategies and looked at the science, too. I also know that being a parent is full of daily challenges, and that feeding kids isn’t always easy.

As a parenting educator, my goal is to give every parent the skills and confidence to raise a healthy eater. I believe in positive parenting, and in using simple, down-to-earth strategies to beat fussy eating and raise children who love good food.

As a creative and not-so-organised mum, I’m a freestyle cook who likes to experiment in the kitchen, and I’m fortunate to have a family who will eat even the failed recipes. Cooking for my family is one of my greatest joys, and I believe every family can create and enjoy healthy, happy mealtimes.

In case you’re wondering, I’m French Canadian and I was born in Montreal. That explains my accent and my surname! I moved to Australia over 14 years ago (for love!) and I live on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches.


The way I see it…

Children learn when they are playing and doing things. I believe that the best opportunity to teach children about eating is to create positive experiences, support and engage with them while they eat. I also believe that teachers and parents need to work together to promote healthy eating habits and guide food choices. Providing positive mealtime experiences, where children can learn and connect with their family, teachers and peers, will build their confidence and assist with developing long-term habits and life skills for healthy, happy eating.

Kids are not fussy eaters. They are only learning how to eat and make the right food choices for their health and wellbeing. It’s important to remember that while children may show some fussy eating behaviours, these behaviours can change with the right support and positive reinforcement. It’s also important for kids to understand that they are learning to love good food the same way that they are learning other skills like reading or playing sport.

I believe in a no-fight approach to tackle fussy eating. Food should be enjoyed and shared with love. For our kids to be healthy, they need to learn to love good food.