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8 short ‘How To’ videos & PDF booklet packed with answers and practical advice to manage mealtime behaviours, beat fussy eating and support healthy eating habits in kids.

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If you want to improve your child’s eating habits, I can help.

With a background in behavioural and nutrition psychology, years of working with children and as a mum of two, I know what it takes raise a healthy eater. I have trialled and tested many strategies and looked at the science, too. I also know that being a parent is full of daily challenges, and that feeding kids isn’t always easy.

JustineIf you’re reading this page, I know that you’re committed to your child’s health. I know that you want to nourish them with healthy, delicious food. I know that you want to empower them with healthy eating habits for life.

I’m here to help you do that. Feeding kids is a huge challenge…and it’s an important one. For your questions about how to raise a healthy eater, create happy mealtimes and beat fussy eating, I have answers.

I know you’re time-poor… I’m a mum too! So I created 8 short video modules with vital info and practical tips to help you on your way.


Founder of Kids Love Good Food & Raise a Healthy Eater Crash Course
Author of Try It You’ll Like It – A parent’s guide to raising healthy, adventurous eaters

Everything covered in 8 short video modules

Get instant access to all videos and watch them at your own pace. The crash course also includes a quick reference booklet (PDF Download) with things to remember, tips and tactics. Watch all 8 videos in just under 2 hours, and you’ll be on your way to start using new ideas and strategies to help your little ones eat better, enjoy mealtime and love healthy food.

MODULE 1: Fussy eating – Will they grow out of it? (11 mins)

Should you be worried about your child’s fussy eating? Why are childhood eating habits so important? In this module, I’ll share some insights about fussy eating, resistance to chance, resilience and long-term health. Raising a healthy eating isn’t just about ‘getting kids to eat’ – I’ll also give you my 4 goals for promoting healthy eating habits for life!

MODULE 2: Fussy eating – Will they grow out of it? (21 mins)

Do you keep offering new foods, only to find your child refuses to taste them? What can you do to just get them to taste? In this video, I’ll talk about taste preferences, exposure, food neophobia and all those things that get in the way of learning to like new foods.

MODULE 3: How can I introduce foods in a way that my kids will accept them? (18 mins)

Kids can be intimidated by new foods, and sometimes they need to take small steps as they explore and start tasting them. In this video, I will show you how you can introduce new foods in a way that your child will be willing to try them!

MODULE 4: How can I use a no-fight approach and stop mealtime battles? (16 mins)

Parents and kids each have responsibilities for eating and behaving appropriately at mealtime. As a parent, you need to be in charge, but you can’t make your child eat. How do you achieve that balance? In this video, I’ll share my no-fight approach to feeding with strategies to prevent mealtime battles and fussy eating.

MODULE 5: How can I reward good behaviours and stop fussy eating behaviours? (14 mins)

What can you do if your child complains, cries, sulks, throws a tantrum or gags at mealtime? Are you noticing the bad behaviours more than the good ones? In this module, you will get practical advice to encourage positive mealtime behaviours and deal with fussy eating.

MODULE 6: How can I create relaxed and enjoyable mealtimes? (7 mins)

Engaging and relaxed mealtimes are so important to promote healthy eating habits. In this video, I’ll share my best tips to set up happy, healthy mealtimes and to get the kids involved.

MODULE 7: How can I help my child make healthy food choices? (15 mins)

How do you convince your child that ‘healthy food’ is really good for them? Why should they care? What if they prefer junk food? In this video, you will discover how to guide and motivate your child to make smart food choices.

MODULE 8: How can I provide healthy lunches & help my child eat well at school? (12 mins)

How can you support your child as they learn to eat independently? In this last video, I’ll give you ideas and strategies to add variety to the lunchbox and encourage your child to eat well at school.

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Got Questions?

I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help answer your most pressing questions. I hope you find what you’re looking for, but if not please feel free to contact me.
Will you provide information about diet and nutrition?

This course is more about ‘how’ to feed children than ‘what’ to feed them. With a background in behavioural and nutrition psychology, I have designed this bootcamp to provide you with positive parenting strategies to promote healthy eating habits, create happy mealtimes and deal with fussy eating. If you feel that you need to assess your child’s diet, or you need advice on choosing the right foods for your child, I encourage you to consult with a dietician or nutritionist.


What kind of support will you provide?
If you cannot access the course online or need technical support, please contact us via email. You may also email any question about the course. If I feel that your question via email requires tailored advice, I may recommend that you book a phone session with me.
Will you be sharing recipes?
I love to cook. I’d love to share my recipes with you, but the only problem is that I rarely measure anything! I tend to throw things in and see what happens, so I have to admit I’m not the best person to go to for recipes. I often look through recipe books and search the internet for inspiration. Once you know what you want to cook, Google is your friend and will be able to recommend thousands of recipes for you to choose from. It’s also a great idea to like the Facebook pages of chefs or cooking websites that you like – they’re always sharing recipes and the inspiration will come straight to your news feed.
What are your qualifications?
This program has been built on many years of academic and professional experience. I hold a Bachelor in Psychology topped with one-year graduate study in behavioural and education psychology. I also hold a Certificate in Nutrition Psychology and an Accredited Certificate in Nutrition. I have worked with children in family and early childhood education settings for over 12 years, and I’ve also worked in health research for cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Most importantly, as a mum of two, I’ve tried and tested all of my strategies and have raised two healthy, adventurous eaters. I’m passionate about raising healthy children and everything about food and nutrition, so I’m constantly researching, learning and sharing up-to-date information so that I can provide the best advice.
Is the content of this course similar to your book ‘Try It You’ll Like It’?
While the book and online crash course are similar, the book contains additional information and parenting strategies not discussed in the online course. I created this online course to provide a different platform for those who like to learn by video. Like the online course, the book covers many important aspects on feeding children and promoting healthy eating habits, and will give you a solid foundation to step from.
Is a behavioural approach the right one?
While this course offers a behavioural-cognitive approach to fussy eating, there are other aspects to consider. Children who refuse to eat certain foods due to physiological or other illnesses or disorders should not be seen as fussy eaters. This may include eating disorders, food intolerances, allergies, gastrointestinal or sensory processing issues. A purely behavioural assessment and intervention may not be sufficient to address the complexity of your child’s eating behaviours. If you feel that your child is a resistant eater or could have other problems or conditions affecting their ability to eat normally, I urge you to consult with a qualified health professional. They will be able to recommend the best course of intervention.
Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Due to the nature of this course, purchases are non refundable. If you’re unsure about anything please feel free to contact me before purchasing.


While I do everything in my power to provide sound advice on raising healthy eaters, all health and parenting information in this course is for general use only. The general advice in this program and its resources should not be used as a substitute for advice from a qualified health professional such as a general practitioner, paediatrician, dietitian or psychologist. The content shared in this program does not apply to any specific health needs that may require medical supervision and the author is not liable for any damages or negative consequences arising from any treatment, action, application, or preparation to any person reading or following the information in this online course. References are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute endorsement of any other sources.

Fussy eating and poor eating habits can last a lifetime…
little things done every day can make all the difference.